Linguistic Inquiry into Political Candidacy

Long time no post! I've been busy with school but definitely want to get back into writing. There are currently a few drafts in the works that should be coming soon. Stay tuned. Okay, back to the post... SO, I was recently researching something for a school assignment and stumbled across this article from Scientific… Continue reading Linguistic Inquiry into Political Candidacy

Rise in Government Surveillance to Fight COVID-19

Countries all around the world are increasing surveillance in order to monitor and contain the spread of coronavirus. In China, CCTV cameras are installed outside apartment buildings to ensure quarantine and drones fly overhead, telling people to wear their masks (see drone footage here). In South Korea, the government is using credit card transactions and… Continue reading Rise in Government Surveillance to Fight COVID-19

Privacy and Security: Can They Coincide?

Is surveillance legal? Is it necessary for security? What is the balance between the freedoms of the people to their own privacy versus that of their protection? May I present to you the controversial figure that is Edward Snowden: Some say he is a traitor. Others say he is a patriot. I'll state the case,… Continue reading Privacy and Security: Can They Coincide?