Everyday Communication Skills Learned From Hostage Negotiation

"What was the difference between bank robbers who took hostages, and CEOs who used hardball tactics to drive down the price of a billion dollar acquisitions? After all, kidnappers are just businessman trying to get the best price." This is a quote from the opening chapter of Chris Voss's book, "Never Split the Difference" and… Continue reading Everyday Communication Skills Learned From Hostage Negotiation

An Unforgettable Life: Part 2

(If you haven't already, please read "An Unforgettable Life: Part 1" before continuing...) So, you've learned all about Marilu Henner and her highly superior autobiographical memory, but what are the implications of that for us average folk? Why is our autobiographical memory important? It's important because it informs our decision making and ultimately how we… Continue reading An Unforgettable Life: Part 2