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The Science of Supertaskers

So, uh, how'd we get here from my other posts on privacy/security/surveillance? Well, I finished out my spring semester and the writing course which I started this blog for... but realized I still have lots I want to share! Some topics I love to explore are psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, geopolitcs, etc. I'm gonna try… Continue reading The Science of Supertaskers

The Darkest of Webs

The whole of the internet can be broken down into three categories: the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web. The surface web includes sites that are indexed and can be found using a search engine such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook. The Deep Web includes sites that are not indexed and… Continue reading The Darkest of Webs

COVID-19 Cybersecurity Concerns

While many think of cybersecurity as protecting hackers from stealing information such as passwords, bank accounts, etc., it also includes protecting medical facilities. For example, a recent cyber-attack targeted one of the largest COVID-19 testing hospitals in the Czech Republic, shutting down all of their computer servers. It was suspected to be a ransomware attack,… Continue reading COVID-19 Cybersecurity Concerns

Rise in Government Surveillance to Fight COVID-19

Countries all around the world are increasing surveillance in order to monitor and contain the spread of coronavirus. In China, CCTV cameras are installed outside apartment buildings to ensure quarantine and drones fly overhead, telling people to wear their masks (see drone footage here). In South Korea, the government is using credit card transactions and… Continue reading Rise in Government Surveillance to Fight COVID-19

The Internet of Things

IoT. A term unheard of before the 21st century but one that is becoming an ever-increasing part of daily life. The Internet of Things consists of all devices which communicate through the internet. This includes smartphones and watches, bluetooth speakers and headphones, fitness trackers, light bulbs, home security systems (see previous post here), self-driving cars,… Continue reading The Internet of Things