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Reclaiming Your Peace in an Attention Economy

Let's be honest. It's nearly impossible to find peace in our lives when the news media is constantly reminding us that the world is in crisis, when advertisers are in constant competition for our attention, and our mobile devices are flooded with pop-up alerts and notifications. Among other factors, I believe this overload of information… Continue reading Reclaiming Your Peace in an Attention Economy

Behind the Mask: Superheroes, Vigilantes, and Revolutionaries

What is the difference between a superhero, a vigilante, and a revolutionary? Naturally, we would like to associate them all with heroism and justice, but upon closer examination, this isn't the case. It is also important to note that heroism and justice are abstract concepts and people's perceptions will vary according to their own interpretation… Continue reading Behind the Mask: Superheroes, Vigilantes, and Revolutionaries

Playing the Game of Life

In the third installment of audiobooks on 2x speed, I would like to introduce you to "The Biggest Bluff" by Maria Konnikova. Not your typical poker player, Maria Konnikova is a Russian-American psychologist who took on poker as a social experiment and went on to become a national poker champion, winning over $300,000 in live… Continue reading Playing the Game of Life

Linguistic Inquiry into Political Candidacy

Long time no post! I've been busy with school but definitely want to get back into writing. There are currently a few drafts in the works that should be coming soon. Stay tuned. Okay, back to the post... SO, I was recently researching something for a school assignment and stumbled across this article from Scientific… Continue reading Linguistic Inquiry into Political Candidacy

The Paris of the Middle East

I started this blog post researching the history of Lebanon but it's complex and a little confusing and I realized it didn't quite fit the mood of what I wanted to say. Instead of analyzing what the country is known for: conflict, unrest, and civil war, I want this post to showcase Lebanon's diverse landscape,… Continue reading The Paris of the Middle East

Everyday Communication Skills Learned From Hostage Negotiation

"What was the difference between bank robbers who took hostages, and CEOs who used hardball tactics to drive down the price of a billion dollar acquisitions? After all, kidnappers are just businessman trying to get the best price." This is a quote from the opening chapter of Chris Voss's book, "Never Split the Difference" and… Continue reading Everyday Communication Skills Learned From Hostage Negotiation

An Unforgettable Life: Part 2

(If you haven't already, please read "An Unforgettable Life: Part 1" before continuing...) So, you've learned all about Marilu Henner and her highly superior autobiographical memory, but what are the implications of that for us average folk? Why is our autobiographical memory important? It's important because it informs our decision making and ultimately how we… Continue reading An Unforgettable Life: Part 2

An Unforgettable Life: Part 1

Introducing the marvelous Marilu Henner: actress, author, and HSAMer. What is HSAM you ask? HSAM stands for Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory. There are less than 100 people worldwide who have been identified as having HSAM. However, this unique ability allows them to remember distinct details from nearly every single day of their lives. This can… Continue reading An Unforgettable Life: Part 1

A Study in Deduction

No, I'm not talking about the action of subtraction as in a tax deduction... BORING. I'm talking about the art of observation, a process of reasoning from premises to a conclusion, from ignorance to knowledge and understanding. What do the popular genres of thriller, crime, and legal dramas all have in common? They use suspense… Continue reading A Study in Deduction